Children’s Support Services

Families Together

Families Together provides information sessions for parents and carers of children aged up to 12 years in the Fairfield, Liverpool and Bankstown local government areas. Session topics are based on the needs expressed by families and sessions are held at various venues throughout the three local government areas. All sessions are free for parents/carers to attend.  

To find out about upcoming sessions, contact Families Together staff on 0407 708 626.

Families NSW Facilitation Project

The Families NSW Facilitation Project supports child and family service providers in the Fairfield, Liverpool and Bankstown local government areas.  Families NSW is the NSW Government’s prevention and early intervention strategy to support families expecting a baby and those with children aged up to eight years. Facilitation Project staff:

  • Convene the child and family interagency in each local government area 
  • Support each interagency to develop and implement an annual work plan 
  • Plan and implement needs-based training for local child and family workers

If you would like further information about this project please phone 9725 0115.

Please access the Fairfield Child and Family Services Guide.