Fairstart Early Intervention

Our philosophy


For each young child to have a fair start to reach his or her potential as a special and unique person and a contributing member of his or her family and community.


To enrich and enlighten the wider community by enhancing opportunities and nurturing what is worthwhile in the life of each child. 


Early Intervention

  • Early childhood is the period of  crucial development and becoming that affects long-term wellbeing
  • A naturalistic environment enhances learning through social experiences and modelling
  • Children learn best through play and building secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships with other children and adults
  • Early intervention promotes achievement of optimal development
  • Learning occurs through engagement with others and the physical environment
  • A multidisciplinary approach supports the development of the whole child
Person-Centred Practice
  • Opportunities are tailored for the child to reach his/her full potential 
  • Belonging and participation are increased through inclusive and holistic practice
  • The ‘whole child’ is affirmed
  • Each child’s unique contributions, strengths and interests are recognised and valued through play-based experiences, including intentional teaching, to enhance a sense of being
  • Advocacy supports the child’s rights and priorities 
Family Friendly Practice
  • Families are significant in the child’s development
  • Diversity is respected and valued
  • Advocacy supports family’s rights and priorities
  • Partnerships ensure that communication between all parties contribute to more effective outcomes
  • Empowerment of families promotes positive change
  • Family rights are acknowledged by the promotion of equal access to high-quality Early Childhood Services 


  • Open communication enables positive outcomes
  • Partnerships promote best practice outcomes for children and families
  • Diversity of skills, experiences and knowledge are utilised for optimal planning
  • Research, training and reflective practice are essential for high-quality outcomes
  • Documentation reflects accountability
  • A positive and safe environment promotes creativity and productivity
  • Dedication and commitment are essential qualities of Early Intervention staff