Young Children with Disabilities (YCWD)

YCWD is administered by the NSW Department of Education.  The program is available for children with a diagnosed disability attending preschool, occasional care, family day care or long day care services in the Fairfield City Council area.

YCWD supports Early Learning Centres to fully include children with additional needs in the mainstream program. Early Childhood Specialists facilitate a collaborative approach to formulating an individual educational plan for each child. Regular visits provide ongoing support and monitor the progress of the child. Consultative support for staff, through the provision of resources, training and modelling of teaching strategies, encourages a proactive approach to maximise the participation of children.

This funding helps your child to:

  • Participate in educational experiences
  • Learn skills to get ready for school
  • Have the opportunity to play and make friends with children their own age

Children eligible for support must have a diagnosed disability, including:

  • Severe language delay
  • Developmental delay
  • Physical disability
  • Intellectual disability
  • Social/emotional and behaviour disorder
  • Autism
  • Sensory disability (hearing or visual impairment)

Each year Fairfield City Council submits individual applications to Department of Education on behalf of the Early Learning Centre. Funding submissions close in September and successful applicants will qualify for support in the following calendar year.

Families interested in receiving YCWD support for their child should talk to the Director of their child's service or contact Fairstart on 9725 0114 or fairstart@fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au