Wakeley Routines

We work collaboration with your family and cater to your child’s home routine. 

As your child becomes settled and relationships are formed, we will discuss meeting milestones with you to ensure the best interests of your child are met. 

We deliver flexibility within our routine as we value children’s independence, individuality and uniqueness. 


7am: Centre opens
7am-8am: Breakfast
8.30-9am: Winter- inside play  |  Summer – outside play 
9.30am: morning tea
10.15am: Group time 
10.25am: Winter - inside play   |   Summer – outside play
11.15am: Larger group time
11.30am: Lunch
12pm-2pm: Sleep or Rest time
2.30pm-3pm: afternoon tea
3pm-3.30pm: Outside Play
4.30pm: Group time (both rooms)
5.15pm-5.30pm: Late afternoon tea
6pm: CLOSE