Marlborough Street Preschool

Wakeley Early Learning Centre logo indicating exceeding standards in child care



50A Marlborough Street
Smithfield  2164

Phone: 9725 0212

Open 48 weeks a year, from 9am to 3.30pm
Closed over Christmas and New Year.

In 2015, Marlborough Street Preschool successfully achieved a National Quality Standard rating of Exceeding across all seven areas assessed.

Marlborough Street Preschool provides an innovative care and educational environment.  The service is well respected and renowned in the community. The family-orientated service has been operating for 44 years and is an extension of each child's family. We welcome involvement from families and friends.

Marlborough Street Preschool won the Fairfield City Local Business Award for “Outstanding Child Care Service” in 2015.

Our Educators are culturally and linguistically diverse. We value individual strengths, talents and contributions. Marlborough Street Preschool is a safe, secure and predictable environment. Educators are strong advocates for the optimum care and education of all children.

The Marlborough Street Team can be summed up in this quote:

“Coming together is the beginning
Keeping together is progress
Working together is success”
- Henry Ford

Resilience, confidence, responsibility and empowerment are just a few of the attributes that Educators actively embrace and advocate for within the preschool program.

Children are encouraged to explore, within the program, through a range of extra-curricular initiatives such as the PALS program, annual Art Shows,  bi-monthly incursions and excursions to the local nursing home, Summit Care, to name just a few.

The service is well resourced with inspiring learning play spaces and an inclusive, aesthetically pleasing environment, Marlborough Street Preschool delivers a high quality, challenging and integrated curriculum, reflective of children and educator interests, particularly in relation to school readiness initiatives.

We welcome and encompass changes within the early childhood industry, keeping abreast of policy, procedures and changes with regulations and frameworks.  We aim to prepare children and their families for their journey beyond preschool for lifelong learning.