CFS - Our Educational Programs

Our Educational Programs

Fairfield City Council’s Children and Family Services recognises that children’s learning occurs from birth and that their first five (5) years of life are a time of quick growth and development.

These early years shape a child’s wellbeing, which affects their ability to learn.

We offer high-quality educational programs that use children’s interests and strengths as building blocks for their learning. Our programs are play-based as we strongly believe children learn best through play.

Investigation and exploration are important parts of children’s learning. Our programs are rich in experiences that captivate children’s curiosity and imagination, supported and guided by our team of highly trained and experienced educators.

Positive relationships are very important to a child’s wellbeing. Forming a healthy and trusting relationship between educators and a child’s family is an important part of our program. Our educators value this and place a priority on developing a secure attachment with each child in their care. Feeling that you belong and having a secure relationship with the people around you will set the foundation for lifelong learning.

Our environments are designed to promote appreciation and respect as well as inspire and celebrate success. We encourage children to work in small and large groups, developing learning communities with their peers and educators.

Inclusion is an essential part of our program our services welcome the local community. We believe a child is a child first, regardless of their ability or background.