Canley Vale Early Learning Centre - Routine

Canley Vale ELC - Routine

7am–9.30am:          Centre Opens, Children arrive, indoor/outdoor free play, breakfast served until 8.30am

9.30am-9.40am       Morning Tea

9.40am–10am:        Toilet/wash hands/nappy change

10am–11.30am:      Group Time, outdoor/indoor play

11.30am–12.30pm: Group Time – transition to lunch

12.30pm–2.30pm:   Rest/sleep time/quiet activities/nappy change

2.30pm–3pm:           Afternoon tea

3pm–3.30pm:           Music and movement – outdoors

3.30pm–5.30pm:      Family grouping, outdoor/indoor free play (Summer- Winter weather permitting) Late afternoon tea

5.30pm–6pm:           Indoor activities, nappy check, children go home

6pm:                           Centre closes. 

Please note: This routine is flexible and can change due to weather, season and/or children’s needs/interests.