Bonnyrigg Heights ELC - Routine

 7.30am-9.30am    Centre opens and children arrive. Apply Sunscreen. Family Grouping / Outdoor Play

9am-9.30am          Wash hands / Progressive Morning Tea

9.30am-10am        Indoor / Outdoor Play (Children’s choice of environment / play experiences)

10am-10.55am      Transition to Wash hands, Indoor Play experiences (based on room program/projects/interests), Nappy change / toileting, Tidy up Indoor / Outdoor environments

10.55am-11am      5 minute warning for tidy up. Gather children to transition for group time

11am-11.30am      Pre-school: Tidy up Indoor environment, Children separate into two groups for: Munch & Move or Music & Movement group times, Set up tables for lunch/Transition to lunch/Wash hands

11.10am-11.30am Early Learners: Transition for group time; Music & Movement / Literacy,

11.30am-12.30pm Lunch time

12.30pm-2.30pm   Early Learners: Transition for Rest / Sleep, Nappy change / toileting (Pre-school: Indoor Play experiences (based on room program/projects/interests) / Transition to rest & relaxation)

2.30pm-2.55pm     Early Learners: Children wake up / Beds & Blankets packed away, Nappy change/toileting, Pre-school: Pack away blankets / Literacy group time (Apply sunscreen for outdoor play)

2.55pm-3pm          Transition to Outdoor play (children get their hats)

3pm-3.30pm           Wash hands / Progressive Afternoon Tea (Outdoors on Veranda)

3.30pm-5pm           Outdoor Play/ Family Grouping

5.30pm                     Centre closes