St Johns Park Early Learning Centre

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41 Canberra Street
St Johns Park  2176

Contact Details:

telephone:  9725 0227
operating hours:  Monday - Friday 7.00am-6.00pm 

St Johns Park Early Learning Centre has been rated as exceeding the National Quality Standards

We are a long day care centre and provide quality care and education for 40 children a day aged from six weeks to six years.

We have two rooms: our Early Learner’s Room (for children six weeks to three years) and our Preschool Room (for children three years to six years).

We believe in family grouping, allowing children of all ages to remain together during several periods throughout the day. This allows the children to learn from and play with their older and younger friends.

Our daily routine and program comes from the belief that children are able of making their own decisions about their learning. We provide a wide variety of interesting and educational resources and learning areas that encourage children to become independent.

Our programs are “living documents” and can be found on our laptop displays, which change depending on our children’s current interests and strengths. We teach children to be strong, willing and cooperative by encouraging them to make their own decisions.

Our preschool children are encouraged to suggest projects and topics that they would like to know more about. Our Educators, along with our children, investigate and explore ideas and topics focused on the children’s interests and ideas. 

Our research, knowledge and experiences help and challenge your child through a range of activities within indoor and outdoor environments.