Tasman Pde ELC - Routine

7.30am                   Centre opens – Long Day Care

7.30am-9am          Indoor and Outdoor Play

9am                        Morning tea – Long Day Care

9am                        Preschool Children Arrive

9am-10am             All children Indoor and Outdoor Play

10.30am                 Morning Tea - Preschool Children

10.30am-11.30am Indoor Play & Group Time

11.30am-12.30pm Progressive Lunch – Long Day Care

noon-2pm               Sleep or Rest time – Long Day Care

12.30-1pm               Progressive Lunch – Preschool

1pm-2pm                 Story and Relaxation - Preschool

2pm-4.30pm            Indoor and Outdoor Play (both rooms)

3pm                           Afternoon tea – Long Day Care

3pm-3.30pm            Preschool Children go home

4.30-5.30pm            Indoor play & small group time

5.30pm                     Close