FDC - Testimonials

I chose to become a Family Day Care Educator to give the children a family orientated environment and to encourage children to learn more about life through play. The most rewarding aspect of being an educator is the constant fulfilment I gain through the teaching and development of the children.

The Coordination Unit’s support has been integral, through being able to talk with them at any time and through training I have been able to adapt to the new changes that have occurred through my 26 years as an educator.
- Anna


I enjoy work with children in small groups and want to make a difference in their lives, developing tailored education programs based on their individual needs, interests and experiences. As a FCC FDC educator I can choose which hours and days suit me. I have full control over the operation of my business, all with the full support of the Fairfield Family Day Care Coordination Unit.​
​​​​​​- L. Lopes


Being an Educator with FCC Family Day Care, I have a chance to work with a dedicated, professional, supportive and friendly team who always require and support me to reach the highest service quality and to build strong relationships with the children, the families and other friend Educators.

I have received great support from my Team Leader, CDOs and staff through monthly visits, training and meetings. Their advice helps me very much to improve my service quality, to comply with laws and regulations and policies and procedures. Also, I really appreciate our team leader for taking time to do fire equipment check for us.   
- Thuy