Council Donations and Funds

How to Apply

Fairfield City Council offers a number of funds to individuals, community groups and not-for-profit organisations throughout the year to support community achievement in a number of social, sporting, cultural and environmental initiatives.

Donations are made at the discretion of Council and are subject to available funding. Eligibility does not guarantee receiving a donation.

Further information is available from Manager Governance and Legal on 9725 0222. 

Applications in writing should be addressed to:

Manager Governance & Legal
Fairfield City Council 
PO Box 21
Fairfield NSW 1860

The following details must be included: 

  • Name of person or organisation
  • Contact details including physical and postal address, phone numbers and email address
  • Purpose of the donation
  • Amount 
  • An indication of the total expenses/budget for the project and, if necessary, documentary evidence to support the purpose of the donation, e.g. in the case where a purchase of equipment is sought, the inclusion of two written quotes for the desired equipment
  • Payment details 
  • Two references supporting the requesting person/organisation, as well as the need/justification for the donation

If successful in receiving the grant, applicants must provide a receipt of funds received. Applicants must acknowledge Council's contribution at any event or in written documentation associated with it. At the end of the activity, applicants must write to Council with a report on the activity or event (including a photograph if available).