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Fairfield City is 32km south-west of the Sydney Central Business District and covers an area of 102 square km, incorporating 27 suburbs. Located in Western Sydney, its neighbouring areas are Parramatta and Liverpool, as well as the councils of Cumberland, the new Canterbury Bankstown, Blacktown and Penrith. Fairfield is accessible by rail, the Liverpool to Parramatta bus transitway, and the M7 motorway, which connects the M4 and M5 motorways.

For 30,000 years before Europeans arrived, the area now known as Fairfield City was home to the Cabrogal, an Aboriginal clan of the Darug people, whose lands were around Cabramatta Creek.

The Cabrogal ate native vegetables, grubs and animals and made bark canoes for fishing and transportation. Evidence of this period has been found in the form of scarred trees, stone tools and campsites, largely around the creeks.

Due to the rich soil of the flood plains, agriculture, farms and dairies quickly emerged. In the mid-1880s the land was used mainly for timber logging, farming and vineyards.

Fairfield is named after the family estate of John Horsley – Fairfield Manor in Somerset, England, to honour the family.

Snapshot of Fairfield City statistics from 2016. 

Fairfield City has 
27 suburbs, 206436 residents, 62782 dwellings, 71% of residents speak a language other than English at home.



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