Cycleway Network & Paths

Fairfield City has around about 90km of cycleways and shared paths.

East/west routes

  • Prospect Creek Shared Path 5km long, connects to the Holroyd City network and Fairfield Town Centre and is about 5km long.
  • Bay to Mountains (Orphan School Creek) Shared Path connects to Mirambeena Regional Park, Bankstown, and to Prospect Reservoir, Blacktown, and is about 20km long. A minor shared path comes off the Bay to Mountains network in King Park, Wakeley, and connects to Cowpasture Road via St Johns Park. This route is about 7km long.
  • Cabramatta Creek Shared Path

North/south routes

  • Rail Trail Cycleway connects Parramatta to Liverpool and links to Prospect Creek, the Bay to Mountains shared path network and the Cabramatta Creek shared path. It is 7.5km long.
  • T-Way Cycleway connects Parramatta to Liverpool and links to the Bay to Mountains and the St Johns Park shared path networks.
  • The Cowpasture Road Shared Path connects Elizabeth Drive to The Horsley Drive, which also links to the Bay to Mountains, St Johns Park and the T-Way networks. It is about 8km long.

Circuit paths are also located in some of Council’s local parks, including Brenan and Springfield Parks.

Cycleways and outdoor fitness equipment locations Map