Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

Public Attendance

All Council and Committee meetings are open to the public and media, apart from those parts of meeting that are in closed session to consider confidential items.

Members of the public are able to address Committee meetings on items that are on the Committee's agenda. Normally only two (2) speakers are permitted for each item – one in support, the other against. 

Requests for more than two speakers must be submitted to the Committee for consideration.

If a particular item has a direct effect on you as a resident (e.g. a proposed building next door to which you have objected, or an application that you have lodged with the Council), you will normally be advised of when the item is being discussed.

 If you wish to speak to the Committee on an agenda item, contact either the:

  • Council Officer who advised you, or 
  • The Council Officer who wrote the report, or 
  • The Governance Co-ordinator by calling 9725 0110 or emailing  by 9am on the Monday before the Services or Outcomes meeting or 4pm on the Friday before the Traffic Committee.