May 2017

Fairfield City as a tourist destination - South West Tourism Taskforce invitation

Tonight I am recommending to my fellow Councillors that Council accepts the invitation to be an honorary member of the South West Sydney Tourism Taskforce.

The South West Sydney Tourism Taskforce is a not-for-profit organisation looking to advance visitation and tourism across the region through joint promotion and advocacy.

Fairfield is a City with great historical and cultural significance that has much to offer the tourism industry. Fairfield City attracts tourists from across the world, as well as nationally.

We already have so much to offer in terms of our rich diversity including hosting some of the biggest multicultural festivals in Australia, our recreation precincts, our fabulous range of eateries at our famous eat streets and our geographical location.

We sit in the heart of Western Sydney, centrally located to Liverpool, Parramatta and Penrith. Tourists can base themselves here and easily travel to destinations such as the City, Canberra or the Blue Mountains. It's important that we recognised our unique position, in the heart of Western Sydney, and that we leverage from the economic and social opportunities that this presents.

On top of this, we have places for people to stay, with more being planned at Cabra-Vale Diggers and the Western Sydney Parklands. The promotion of overnight accommodation will allow visitors to fairfield City to experience local attractions as well as travel to nearby regional destinations.

Council has already embarked on a promotional campaign known as Destination Fairfield to highlight family attractions such as Aquatopia, the Fairfield Adventure Park and the diverse cultural dining experiences available across our City.

Tourism is one of the main drivers of the economy. By joining the Taskforce we can be part of a coordinated approach to regional tourism across South West Sydney.

I am recommending that Fairfield City Council accepts the invitation to join the South West Sydney Tourism Taskforce and become a collaborative partner in the future tourism vision.

Frank Carbone

2 May 2017