July 2017

#CaptureFairfield photography competition - winners

The #CaptureFairfield winners with Mayor Frank Carbone.
#CaptureFairfield competition.

Council celebrates Local Government Week each year by connecting with our community through a range of activities.

This year, Council launched the #CaptureFairfield photography competition, which was designed to encourage people to discover our City, facilities and services through the lenses of their cameras.

The quality of the entries was very impressive and I would like to thank everyone who entered.

To commemorate the inaugural year of the competition, a photobook displaying at least one photograph from each entrant has been created and is available as a digital download on Council’s website.

Tonight I am pleased to announce the winners of #CaptureFairfield and to present them with their prizes as well as a physical copy of the photobook.

Councillors, please join me in congratulating each winner from this year’s #CaptureFairfield photography competition by offering a warm round of applause as they receive their prize.

Theme: Discovery

  • Dibe Chaker – Primary School student
  • Vesna Arbanas – Amateur Photographer
  • Alex Benetel – Professional Photographer

Theme: Diversity

  • Natasha Win – Primary School student
  • Tina Tran – Secondary School student
  • Asher Mendigorin – Amateur Photographer
  • Ryan Saez – Professional Photographer

Frank Carbone

25 July 2017