Corporate Reports

Quarterly Report

The Community is informed about Council’s performance through the Quarterly Report every three months, where Council updates the community about its progress on its specific projects, programs and services detailed in the Delivery Program and Operational Plan.

To track how projects are progressing take a look at the Quarterly Reports.

Archived Quarterly Report Summary Flyers

Archived Reports

Six Monthly Report

The community is informed about Council’s performance and progress on achievements through the Six Monthly Report. The Six Monthly Report is a summary of our progress and key performance indicators every six months in an easy-to-read and understand document for the community.

To track how projects and programs are progressing, take a look at the Six Monthly Reports

Archived Reports

Annual Report

Fairfield City Council's Annual Report delivers an informative snapshot of what the City achieved in the financial year. It highlights many of the exciting initiatives, programs and services Council has undertaken. The Annual Report is produced to comply with the Local Government Act 1993 and contains important information. 

We are pleased to present 2017-2018 Annual Report and Council’s Financial Statements, which were audited by Audit Office of NSW, are now publicly available for viewing.

Archived Reports

End of Term Report

The End-of-Term Report reports on all stakeholders’ contributions in implementing the 2012-2022 Fairfield City Plan.

This report has been developed around the five themes identified in the City Plan and reports on contributions made by all stakeholders towards delivering the community outcomes.

The report also identifies the progress on indicators in the City Plan.


City Plan Top 10 Priorities Issue Papers

In developing the City Plan, Council engaged the community in 2010 and again in 2012 to get them to share their ideas about what they wanted to see in the future, and the Plan includes a summary of that feedback in “The Top 10 Things We Would Like to See in Fairfield City by 2022” (Priorities).

In order to demonstrate to the community that we recognised their priorities, and to clearly identify what has been done over the past four years Council has developed an ‘Issue Paper’ on each of the ‘Top 10 Priorities’ identified in the City Plan. These Issue Papers outline the priority, identify key stakeholders and what has changed or been implemented by stakeholders over the past four years for each priority area.


Community Engagement Report

Council prepared and implemented the 2016 Community Engagement Strategy to identify how Council will engage its community to establish if their vision, goals, priorities and aspirations for the future of Fairfield City have changed. The results have been detailed through the 2016 Community Engagement Report which was used to inform the 2016-2026 Fairfield City Plan.


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