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News published November 2016

  • Volunteers testing water quality

    Report helps councils manage Georges River

    Published 28th November 2016

    A report on the health of the Georges River catchment for 2015-16 has rated the overall ecological condition of the freshwater and estuarine sections of the Georges River as remaining “fair”.

  • A licensed contractor removes asbestos products from a home in Fairfield City.

    It's National Asbestos Awareness Month

    Published 23rd November 2016

    Council’s Household Asbestos Removal Program is under way and runs until Friday 2 December 2016.

  • Christmas tree lighting in Fairfield.

    Festivities set Christmas spirit

    Published 17th November 2016

    Christmas is just around the corner, so to get residents in the Christmas spirit Fairfield City Council has planned a host of fun activities throughout Fairfield City.

  • Water slides at Aquatopia

    New opening date to make bigger splash

    Published 10th November 2016

    Aquatopia will now officially open on 10 December to allow time to install complementary inflatable rides, making the much anticipated water park even better from day one.

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