2018 Australia Day Award Winners announced

Published Thursday, 25th January 2018

2018 Australia Day Award Winners announced

Community stalwart Desmond Ettinghausen has been named the 2018 Fairfield City Citizen of The Year.

Mr Ettinghausen has spent the past 46 years at the CabraVale Diggers/Fairfield Athletics Centre sharing his love of athletics with many generations of children was presented with the Fairfield City community’s top Australia Day honour tonight. 

He has been a coach, President and awarded life membership by the Athletics Centre, as well as being a mentor to parents so that they may ‘learn the ropes’ to ensure the continued success of the Centre.

Mayor of Fairfield City Frank Carbone presented four major awards to outstanding community members at the annual Australia Day Community Awards ceremony tonight at Council Chambers.

The winners were: 

• Desmond Ettinghausen – Fairfield Citizen of The Year 

• Rowena Tran – Young Citizen of The Year 

• Krystyna Whittaker – Volunteer of The Year, and 

• Simaima Taufa – Sports Achiever of the Year 

Also recognised were award nominees, who received medallions or certificates in recognition of their contribution to the community.

• Citizen of the Year Certificate recipients; Dr Cao Thang-Ha and James Robert Wanna. 

• Young Citizen of the Year Medallion recipients; Angelique Cavanaugh, Josephine Lang and Jasmina Kustec.

• Young Citizen of the Year Certificate recipients; Abnob Poutros, Kelvin Tran and Briannah Devlin. 

• Volunteer of the Year Medallion recipient; Charles Cordina, John Beaver, Pamela Chambers and Rosina Tribbia. 

• Sports Achiever of the Year Medallion recipients; Hannah Darlington and Amy Chu.


Mayor Carbone said the Australia Day Community Awards are held each year to recognise and pay tribute to all those dedicating their time and efforts into making Fairfield City a better community for all to be a part of. 

“Their dedication and commitment is an example to us all,’ he said. “Through their efforts, our community and city are made a better place.” 

“Our winners often go about their business quietly, but I’d like to publicly thank all these community achievers, and recognise their tireless efforts on our special national day. 

“I congratulate Desmond Ettinghausen, Rowena Tran, Krystyna Whittaker and Simaima Taufa on their wonderful achievements.” 


2018 Citizen of the Year: Desmond Ettinghausen 

Desmond Ettinghausen has shared his love of athletics with many generations of children, encouraging them to be the best they can be through hard work. Through his many years of coaching children and young adults, Desmond has taught them that no matter the level of performance they reach that with dedication towards training they can be rewarded with their own personal self-improvement.


2018 Young Citizen of the Year: Rowena Tran 

Rowena is passionate about representing and advocating for the needs of young people and the local multicultural community. Rowena has been a member of the Youth Advisory Council and Multicultural Advisory Committee for the past two years, representing Fairfield City at national conferences and consultations across the country.


2018 Volunteer of the Year: Krystyna Whittaker  

Krystyna is a dedicated member of the St Vincent de Paul Society. She has volunteered in Fairfield City for more than 30 years. Krystyna dedicates her time to serving people in need in Fairfield City through visiting them in their homes and assisting with financial and material assistance. Krystyna has made a real difference to the lives of people who are struggling or marginalised.


2018 Sports Achiever of the Year: Simaima Taufa 

Simaima is a talented rugby league player playing at the highest levels of competitive rugby league across the country. Simaima also volunteers her time to the community; running sports clinics and mentoring young people by using sport as a tool for leadership skills which they can apply in all areas of their lives.