Colour and Culture at Cabramatta

Published Tuesday, 20th February 2018

God of Furtune
God of Furtune

The Cabramatta Lunar New Year event at Freedom Plaza on 03 and 04 March brings colour and culture to life for both locals and visitors.

The event will be full of spectacular colour, excitement, sights and sounds of Lunar New Year celebrations, but the cultural elements are also significant.

Mayor of Fairfield City Frank Carbone said family friendly events such as Lunar New Year create great opportunities for both a community celebration and cultural reflection.

"There are many Lunar New Year events across Fairfield City bringing community together. The diversity of our City binds our community, and attracts others to visit and enjoy all that unique diversity brings.

"Lunar New Year means many things to many people around the world. In Fairfield city it’s definitely a time for residents to connect with family and community in a meaningful way."

There are several cultural cues to look out for at the Cabramatta Lunar New Year event March 03 and 04:

- The God of Fortune, dressed in bright yellow, will spread good fortune in the form of lucky candies.

- The traditional Lion Dance, always a crowd favourite, is performed to banish bad omens.

- The firecrackers at the Pailau gates on Sunday morning symbolically keep away bad luck.

- The beautiful yellow Mai tree is believed to bring good luck.

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