Late Night Library Approved

Published Saturday, 10th March 2018

Students enjoying late night library hours
Students enjoying late night library hours

Fairfield Council is extending its trial of late night opening hours at Whitlam Library in response to public demand, opening until 10pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

The trial was first launched in October 2017 to meet community needs for study space and the use of other onsite services later in the evening.

Mayor Carbone said, “the trial has so far proved a great success, with many people using the library services after dark for study space and other on site facilities.

“We are therefore pleased to extend the trial for 12 months until October. We will even consider a later closing time, of 12 midnight, if late night library members are keen.

“Our libraries have been working hard to become modern and responsive places and we are keen to adapt to changing needs in our community.”

“The role of the Library in Fairfield City is to be a communal hub that anchors community life. This is just one more way the Whitlam Library is achieving this.”

The extended opening hours are available to library members 16 years and over. The library anticipates locals will take advantage of its extended hours for study, reading, PC and iPad use, and quiet time.