Creating safer and more efficient roads

Published Tuesday, 31st July 2018

Mayor Carbone at Brenan St Smithfield talking about creating safer and more efficient roads.

Residents can feel safer on our local roads with Council identifying and completing improvement works at dangerous locations.

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone said a number of roundabouts and raised thresholds have been rolled out across the City over the past few months. 

“The road works were completed at identified dangerous locations to make our roads safer,” Mayor Carbone said. 

“These roundabouts will significantly lessen the chance of crashes and help improve traffic flow too.  

“We all want families to be able to travel about our City and arrive home safely without injury or expensive vehicle repairs. 

“Although these works are completed, our job is never done. The safety of our community is paramount and Council will continue to identify new locations across the City for improvements.” 

The roundabouts completed are at the intersections of: 

• Sweethaven and Allambie roads, Greenfield Park;  

• Bowden and Huie streets and Woods Avenue, Cabramatta;  

• Edensor and Kalang roads, Edensor Park.  

• Brenan and Bourke streets, Smithfield.  

Council also recently installed raised thresholds in Barton Street, Smithfield and speed cushions in Delgarno Road, Bonnyrigg Heights to ensure traffic travels at a safe speed.  

Council continually maintains and looks to improve our local road network and will invest another $13.6 million next financial year to maintain and improve our local roads.