Council keeps our creeks clean

Published Friday, 12th October 2018

Council keeps our creeks clean

In the past three months, Council has manually removed more than 7 tonnes of rubbish, green waste and dumped litter from our waterways.

In addition, a further 32 tonnes of litter, rubbish and sediment were collected by gross pollutant traps and removed. 

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone said Council has been working hard on keeping our creeks clean so Fairfield City residents can enjoy leisure activities near our waterways.

“The fight to keep our waterways clean is never-ending and it’s a fight not just for Council but for all of us,” he said. “We want residents to enjoy the waterways,” Mayor Carbone said.

“Council works hard to ensure the natural habitat and local biodiversity is protected for future generations, but we can all do our bit to keep our creeks clean.”

“All rubbish on our streets end up in our waterways and I encourage residents to reduce littering and share the responsibility,” he said. 

“We can all help by washing our cars on grass, picking up after our dogs, and disposing of rubbish and chemicals correctly. I also encourage residents to join a local group like the Fairfield Creeks and Wetlands Group.” 

In the past three months Council has:

• Increased sites for rubbish removal in the Georges River Keeper program from 32 to 39

• Manually removed 1.2 tonnes of litter, rubbish, dumped materials, shopping trolleys, furniture and mattresses at Green Valley Creek

• Manually removed 2.6 tonnes of rubbish at Prospect Creek

• Manually removed 3.5 tonnes of rubbish, green waste and dumped litter from the Georges River. 

Residents can also do their bit by joining the Fairfield Creeks and Wetlands Group by phoning 9725 0222.