Celebrating our graduating primary students

Published Friday, 19th October 2018

Aquatopia is a big hit with families.
Aquatopia is a big hit with families.

Year 6 students graduating from primary schools in the Fairfield local government area can look forward to a cool summer holiday ahead of starting high school with a free pass to Aquatopia.

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone will visit local schools to give out a free “Junior Schoolies” pass and a graduation certificate to Year 6 students this term to mark the end of one journey and the beginning of another.

Mayor Carbone said the City has a long history of recognising the outstanding academic and personal milestones of local residents.

“As young people grow up, every event is a significant milestone, shared by family, friends, and as part of our community,” Mayor Carbone said.

“There are few more important events in a young person's life than graduating from primary school.

“Not only is it a major milestone for young people and their families, it also forms the foundation on which future education and training is built.”

Aquatopia was built for families and has been a runaway success for affordable family fun, with 60,000 people visiting last year alone. Mayor Carbone said that this success means it is possible to share the facility with the community.

“The benefits of the success of Aquatopia in terms of financial sustainability are significant and this is important,” Mayor Carbone said. “But the success is not just measured in dollars, but in the ability to allow the community to share in this magnificent facility.

“The opportunity to provide entry to the graduating students is priceless,” the Mayor said.

This swim season, Aquatopia is bigger and better than ever, with the launch of the Fishpipe. The Fishpipe rolls swimmers, and a small amount of water, around inside a giant ball.

A new 20m tall slide tower with five race slides will soon be a welcome addition to Aquatopia.   It features a 3-Lane Racing Ride - perfect for challenging your friends, a high-speed free-fall slide, and the Rocket Drop Slide - which will drop brave riders via a trap door to a fast loop through a transparent tube that will circle the free-fall slide on its way down.

“We know what an exciting time it is for Year 12 students to mark the end of their high school years and reflect on the many friends they have made along the way. I would like to extend this positive experience to Year 6 students – so they can be proud of what they have achieved and the friends they have made in their primary school years – many of these bonds will last a lifetime,” the Mayor said.

“Aquatopia is the premier affordable place to have fun and stay cool in western Sydney this summer, and I know that our Junior Schoolies will have a day to remember.”