Creating pathways to university

Published Wednesday, 21st November 2018


Fairfield City Council’s Whitlam Library and University of Sydney have joined together in an initiative that will provide significant educational assistance to local primary and high school students.

With just over 11 per cent of Fairfield City’s population obtaining a tertiary degree compared to 28 per cent of the population in Sydney as a whole, the Widening Participation and Outreach program aims to increase the City’s tertiary education participation.

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone said the 2019 Widening Participation and Outreach (WPO) program launched last week helps students to succeed regardless of their background.

“When bright students are given opportunities to attend university, our community benefits,” Mayor Carbone said.

“One of the first challenges, especially for families that may never have had a university attendee, is to show them university is an option.

“Fairfield City Open Libraries’ partnership with The University of Sydney is a vital part of our strategy to support diverse employment opportunities, contribute to our residents’ success in life and positively influence young people’s decisions about their future.”


The WPO program assists students by providing:

• University on-campus experiences for students

• Capacity-building activities in local schools and communities

• Digital outreach particularly supporting secondary school students

• Access to cultural experiences such as attending the Sydney Writers Festival

• Professional learning opportunities for teachers and school leaders, and

• Partnering with the Smith Family’s Learning for Life program, which includes financial assistance and access to program coordinators to connect children to other learning opportunities.


For more information on the program telephone 8627 8515.