Council invests in Fairfield City Centre improvements

Published Friday, 10th May 2019

Work underway at Epoch Plaza
Work underway at Epoch Plaza

Fairfield City Council is planning to spend more than $1 million this year on improving driver and pedestrian access to Fairfield City Centre as well as its visual appeal.

These upgrades will include a number of firsts for the City, including a plan to install new ‘smart’ light poles in Spencer Street, and engraved street name paving at key locations.

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone said Fairfield City Centre is renowned as a cosmopolitan shopping and dining destination.

“Fairfield City Centre is an important and vibrant shopping and dining destination. Every day thousands of shoppers and diners visit the centre and we want them to keep coming back and supporting our local businesses,” Mayor Carbone said.

“Busy town centres create challenges and opportunities that require smart investment for them to reach their potential, and that is what we are doing. We want Fairfield City to continue to grow as a great place to live, work and raise a family.”

The improvements include:

  • Epoch Plaza: ‘up lighting’ of the Epoch heritage silhouettes, installation of heel-proof stormwater grates, installation of interpretive signage and improvements to the existing surrounding landscape beds. These works are due for completion by June 2019.
  • Thomas Ware Plaza: rejuvenation of the soft fall at the playground, installation of “bud lighting” at the palm trees, general cleaning of pavement and the addition of a new water station. These works are due for completion by June 2019.
  • The Crescent: footpath paving treatment, upgrading of landscaping, refurbishment of memorial features including interpretive signage within The Crescent open space adjacent to the railway line, and kerb and gutter renewal. The addition of engraved ‘street name’ footpath pavers at key locations will be a first for our City Centre. These works are due for completion by December 2019.
  • Hamilton Road: kerb and gutter realignment/reconstruction, road pavement restoration, footpath paver upgrade treatments, stormwater drainage, landscaping and tree planting. These works are due for completion by December 2019.
  • Spencer Street: a plan is under consideration to replace existing street lighting with ‘smart poles’ that include CCTV, ‘smart’ controlled LED roadway lighting, Wi-Fi, environmental sensors, public event audio with power outlets and electric car charging. This upgrade is due for completion by December 2019.

Fairfield City Centre will also welcome the return of Culinary Carnival on Saturday, 1 June.

From 11am-4pm, Spencer Street will come to life with a world of international cuisine and entertainment that will celebrate Fairfield City’s amazing diversity.

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