Play a part to make our City look great

Published Friday, 4th October 2019

1026 Graffiti removal day 13

Council is encouraging residents to become local heroes in helping to make our City look great by getting involved in Graffiti Removal Day on Sunday 27 October 2019.

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone said Council had many initiatives to make sure our City can look the best it can and with Graffiti Removal Day, residents had the chance to play their part.

“Keeping our City clean is everyone’s responsibility,” Mayor Carbone said.

“I encourage residents to get involved in Graffiti Removal Day because if we each do a little bit we can make a big change.

“Graffiti vandalism costs the community. This is money could be better invested into infrastructure and services.

“Council removes graffiti as soon as possible and residents can help us do that by reporting it whenever they see it,” Mayor Carbone said.

“Council also cleans the parks, bushland and waterways in our City.

“Every day Council keeps our City clean. Graffiti Removal Day is a day where residents can also come together, play their part and make a difference.”

People can join a site at

Residents can also report graffiti by calling 9725 0222 or using the VandalTrak app available on all iOS and Android devices.