Tokyo grown fashion harvested for exhibition

Published Wednesday, 13th November 2019

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Residents can journey through the visually vivid delights of Tokyo subculture fashion with the launch of a free photographic exhibition.

The exhibition, TOKYO FRUiTS, opens at Whitlam Library – Cabramatta on 15 November.

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone said TOKYO FRUiTS is a fun and unusual photographic exhibition that has travelled around Australia and is now in our City.

“The exhibition will delight anyone interested in cutting edge street fashion and might even give you a few ideas to create your own style,” Mayor Carbone said.

“I invite residents to come and experience the wild and quirky street style of Harajuku, Tokyo’s creative fashion centre, right here in Cabramatta.”

Developed in 1997 in response to Harajuku’s experimental street fashion boom, FRUiTS documents the colourful, fun and flamboyant identities of Tokyo’s youth culture. 

The subcultures that thrived in a traditionally conformist society were mapped over time in local magazine FRUiTS’ street photography, tracing the rise and fall of countless trends and influences. 

The FRUiTS exhibition is presented by The Japan Foundation, Sydney in partnership with Fairfield City Open Libraries.