Community buses named

Published Monday, 25th November 2019

Community buses named

The community has voted for ‘Cobber’ and ‘Bunji’ as the names for Council’s two new community buses. Both names refer to friendship.

Cobber, first used in the early 1800s, came into common usage among Australian soldiers in World War 1. Bunji is an indigenous word, originally coming from the north of Australia before becoming more widespread in use among indigenous people.

Council wrote to community groups to ask for suggestions as well as the general community through social media. 

More than 120 names were suggested, which were narrowed down to three pairs for residents to vote on via Facebook.

The buses are an important service provided by Council. They are available for community groups to use to meet their transport needs in an affordable way. 

The buses allow residents without access to affordable transport to enjoy full social lives, get out and be active, meet with friends, enjoy events and access essential services. 

The buses are available for hire to schools, sporting associations and government departments as well as community-based organisations. 

For more information or to book phone 9725 0222.