Good recyclers congratulated

Published Monday, 4th April 2016

Tagged bins during the Sort Your Waste campaign.
Tagged bins during the Sort Your Waste campaign.

Fairfield City Council is helping residents to reduce recycling contamination within multi-unit dwellings (MUDs) such as apartments and units through the ‘Sort Your Waste’ campaign.

Last month, visual inspections of recycling bins were conducted in Cabramatta and Fairfield. Recycling bins were tagged with orange tags (contamination) and green tags (no contamination).

To thank residents for doing the right thing by recycling correctly, 17 MUDs with low contamination in their recycling bins received a Certificate of Appreciation from Mayor Frank Carbone.

Please remember to Sort Your Waste: Plastic bags, broken crockery, foam products and containers with food residue are not recyclable. Will you be the lucky one to receive a ‘Well Done’ green tag? 

Example of good recycling

An example of good recycling.

Example of bad recycling.

Plastic bags go in the red bin.