Sort Your Waste campaign to begin

Published Monday, 22nd February 2016

Brochure showing how to Sort Your Waste

Fairfield City Council is launching a “Sort Your Waste” Campaign in March in an effort to reduce “contamination” in recycling bins within Multi-Unit Dwellings (MUDs) across the local government area.

This resident engagement and educational strategy will aim to encourage people to recycle correctly and to cut “contamination” items such things as food, foam containers and plastic bags.

Mayor of Fairfield City Frank Carbone said contamination caused problems when recyclable items were being sorted.

“It also affects the ability of the item to be processed into a new product,” he said. “Sometimes, just a few contaminated bins can ruin an entire truckload of recycling.”

Plastic shopping bags are the most common contaminant found in recycling. These cannot be placed in the recycling bin. Instead, they should be reused, returned to a supermarket that has a special plastic bag recycling station, or placed in your garbage bin.

It is also important to remove lids from jars and plastic bottles and give containers and bottles a quick rinse before placing them in the recycling bin.

The “Sort Your Waste” campaign will start next month when a dedicated Council Waste Education Officer will start making visual inspections of recycling bin contents.

If residents have placed the correct items into their recycling bins, they will receive a “happy bin” green tag and be given the chance to become “MUD Recycling Ambassadors”. Those with contaminated bins will receive a “sad bin” orange tag and possibly be registered on a contamination hot spot list.

“If residents see our waste education team in their area, they should feel free to say hello and ask them about how to ‘Sort Your Waste’ correctly,” Mayor Carbone said.

“Improving recycling not only reduces our carbon footprint, but also reduces the dependence we have on non-renewable resources.”


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