Dutton Lane car park nearing completion

Published Friday, 22nd April 2016

The multi-million dollar Dutton Lane redevelopment is nearing completion and will soon open to the public.

The three-storey development includes retail shops, community facilities, office space and 275 car parking spaces which could cater for an extra 460,000 visitors annually. This increases the total car parking in the Dutton Lane precinct to more than 800 spaces.

The development also includes a new lift, new public toilets, new civic space and improved pedestrian safety outcomes.

Mayor of Fairfield City Frank Carbone said the car park opening was imminent.

“The car park is complete and can be opened as soon as Sydney Water issues final approval for the building,” Mayor Carbone said. “The car park is the first of many exciting elements of this development, which we will open progressively so the community gets as much out of this facility as possible.

“The Dutton Lane redevelopment is a great win for Cabramatta residents and businesses. It is a fresh, new space that can be enjoyed by families. The modern facilities will become iconic in the Cabramatta Town Centre, delivering significant economic and social benefits to the entire community.

“The development is funded and owned by Fairfield City Council on behalf of the community. On completion, the development will be valued at more than $45 million. This investment will also generate income, allowing Council to keep rates low. The income will continue to be invested back into the community.”

Mayor Carbone said the additional car parking, which would take the total number of spaces in the town centre to 3,293, would provide greater access not only for residents, but also for visitors.

“The Dutton Lane project created more than 200 jobs during the construction process and will result in 127 ongoing jobs from new businesses,” he said.

The new car park and public toilets will be the first stage of the Dutton Lane development to open. The retail and civic spaces and public artwork will follow later in 2016.


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