A new plaza for The Crescent in Fairfield City Centre

Published Thursday, 28th April 2016

A CAD drawing of the proposed The Crescent Plaza.

Construction has started on a modern plaza opposite Fairfield Railway Station for the use and enjoyment of the Fairfield community and, in particular, Fairfield City Centre residents.

To be known as The Crescent Plaza, this exciting civic space will feature substantial tree planting and landscaped areas, safety and ambient lighting, sitting platforms and sculptured metal seating and pavement treatment, a play facility, a heritage timeline artwork, CCTV surveillance and, as a first for the City, an LED visual media screen combined with public Wi-Fi.

Mayor of Fairfield City Frank Carbone said Council had a long-term commitment to expanding and improving the visual quality of open space within Fairfield City Centre.

“The site of The Crescent Plaza was determined to be a suitable location due to its position adjacent to the Fairfield Station Interchange forecourt and The Crescent Park just across the road,” Mayor Carbone said.

“There are also a number of residential towers under construction along The Crescent and open space is required for the rapidly increasing number of new residents who will call Fairfield City Centre home in the next few years.”

Funding of $1.8 million has been allocated for the development. The design scope began in October 2014 with Council endorsing The Crescent Plaza Concept in June 2015.

The Crescent Plaza will support large and small events and activities. Safe pedestrian access from The Crescent to Council Lane and on to Spencer and Ware streets has been a priority in the design concept.

Several urban art projects and an historical metal ribbon sculpture called FLOW will generate an unfolding tapestry of historical images and stories arising from Fairfield City’s rich natural, cultural and contemporary history. The focus of these projects will be the Timeline Project, where eight themes will be viewed through the lens of its City Centre and displayed on a ceramic tile artwork.

The themes are:

  1. The Cabrogal and Early Settlers: Honouring the traditional owners and early colonial landowners of Fairfield City
  2. The Crescent: Capturing the changing and evolving built landscape of The Crescent, Fairfield City Centre
  3. Celebrations and Fun: Exploring Fairfield City’s popular locations, tourist destinations, festivals leisure and entertainment venues
  4. Significant Places: Iconic buildings, places that reflect the imprint of settlement in Fairfield City
  5. Immigration: Images and stories that captures Fairfield City’s history of migration
  6. Governance: Local people who have shaped and contributed to Fairfield City’s broader political history
  7. Prospect Creek: Documenting Fairfield City’s and Fairfield City Centres significant waterway
  8. Railways and Industry: Exploring the development of Connections and Economy of Fairfield City

Mayor Carbone described the project as an exciting development for the City Centre and the City as a whole.

“We’re a growing city,” Mayor Carbone said. “The Crescent Plaza is centrally located - right on the doorstep to our City. It will be a modern, contemporary designed and activated public space. This is an investment in providing public space for the growing needs of our City.

“Back yards are getting smaller and populations are increasing. Council is building community hubs and open spaces like this so that residents, shoppers and commuters can come together in a modern space to interact, reflect or have lunch in a shaded and peaceful setting.”

Construction is expected to be completed in August-September 2016.


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