Council makes school zones safer

Published Tuesday, 26th July 2016

Fairfield City Council is enhancing road safety around schools by installing new Radar Speed Display signs on local streets.

The signs display the speed motorist are travelling and encourages them to travel at the appropriate speed by showing a smiley face for those under the speed limit and a “Slow Down, School Zone” or other relevant message for those driving too fast.

The signs have proven successful in other council areas and are cost-effective alternatives to permanent traffic calming devices, such as speed humps.

The signs demonstrate Council’s commitment to making Fairfield a safer place while also listening to residents’ concerns. The signs are a great compromise where there have been complaints regarding traffic safety but little community support to install permanent traffic calming measures.

The Speed Radar Display signs will assist in resolving speeding issues and potentially reduce resources required by NSW Police to monitor areas where speeding is reported. The devices also support Council's Theme 1 Community Wellbeing, Goal 4 - Being safe and law-abiding.

Council will be able to move the signs every few months as required and will also monitor the effectiveness of the signs.

Locations for the first round of sign installations are:

  • Lily Street, Wetherill Park (near William Stimson Primary School);
  • Shakespeare Street, Wetherill Park (near William Stimson Primary School);
  • Vidal Street, Wetherill Park (leading to William Stimson Primary School);
  • Walworth Road, Horsley Park (near Horsley Park Public School);
  • Humphries Road, St Johns Park (near Our Lady of Mt Carmel Primary School); and
  • Gloucester Street, Bonnyrigg Heights (near John the Baptist Primary School and Freeman Catholic College)


Media enquiries: Hannah Kilgore, Communications and Marketing Officer
Phone: 9725 0166