University of Sydney offers homework help

Published Wednesday, 3rd August 2016

A joint initiative between Fairfield City Council and the University of Sydney is providing significant educational assistance to the City’s primary and high school students.

Students who attend Whitlam Library’s Homework Centre are now able to enlist the help of trained University of Sydney student volunteers through its Compass program. Compass seeks to address the under-representation in higher education of students from low socio-economic backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and regional areas.

Students and parents will also be able to attend educational workshops such as the successful information night held in June for parents of high school students considering university, scholarships and pathways and academic exam preparation workshops for the HSC.

The Mayor of Fairfield City said the collaboration with the University was delivering positive educational outcomes to the community.

“The University is supporting and promoting educational activities to students by providing trained volunteers to deliver homework help during Terms 2 and 3,” the Mayor said.

“They will also be able to access online services such as A•STAR.TV*.”

Mary Teague, University of Sydney Head of Widening Participation, said: “The University of Sydney is very pleased to be partnering with Fairfield City Council and Whitlam Library on this initiative, providing weekly academic support to students, HSC exam preparation and ensuring that all students and parents have accessible information about relevant University of Sydney opportunities such as the Sydney Early Offer Year 12 Scheme (E12).

“It’s really exciting to see young people independently accessing a whole range of academic support and opportunities; they are highly motivated to attend university and we are aiming to support their academic needs through face-to- face tutoring and our online tutoring through A•STAR.TV.”

The Homework Centre at Whitlam Library is held from 4pm to 6pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. FCC Open Libraries Homework Centres also operate at Bonnyrigg Library on Tuesday afternoons and at Fairfield and Wetherill Park Libraries on Thursday afternoons. All sessions run from 4pm-6pm during the school term and students are assisted by suitably qualified staff.

* A•STAR is Compass’ innovative digital platform – a website for and by young people. It shares articles, stories, interviews, photographs, videos and more – created for and by high school students, current University of Sydney students and alumni of the University. It provides a place where young people can learn and speak authentically about university life and contemporary issues more generally, as well as information about careers, scholarships and access schemes specific to the University of Sydney.

A•STAR also acts as a portal for online tutoring and offers resources for teachers, parents and students based on the NSW and National Curriculum.

* YourTutor is an online tutoring service that provides quick-response, personalised support for revision and problems practice with subject experts. This free service is provided by the University of Sydney to students who attend a government-identified Educational Access Schemes school and all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students. It is part of the University’s long-term commitment to supporting the educational needs of students in Western Sydney.


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