Meet Romeo and Juliet – our Nao robots

Published Monday, 28th November 2016

Mayor FRank Carbone with the Nao robots, Romeo and Juliet

Fairfield City Open Libraries have two new adorable “staff” members – the Nao (pronounced “now”) humanoid robots Romeo and Juliet.

The names were chosen from many submissions received after a call-out to library customers for suggestions. Romeo and Juliet were the main characters in William Shakespeare’s famous play, so the names were considered more than fitting for the Open Libraries new mascots.

Mayor of Fairfield City Frank Carbone said the interactive “boy” and a “girl” robots were 58cm tall and built on the Open Libraries’ program to deliver Council’s commitment to revolutionise the way our community accesses information and services in all Fairfield City libraries.

“They will be used to support student learning and development, particularly STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), which are needed to drive innovation in our fast-changing global economy,” Mayor Carbone said.

“The City’s students and others interested in learning computer coding will be able to do so in a fun and exciting way. Coding is one of the most in-demand and important skills in the world today, so it is important for Council’s Open Libraries to play a role in helping to enhance the skills of our community.”

Romeo has made a couple of low key community appearances already, but bigger things are in store for next year.

Code NAO
Students age 13-18 will be able to learn to code the robots using Choregraphe programming software. This eight-week program will include workshops to “teach” the Robots how to walk, talk, dance and respond to commands. Participants will get to showcase their programming skills at a final public performance. The program starts on Thursday 16 February 2017.

NAO Factor
This will be a live performance opportunity on Thursday 20 April 2017 for Code Nao participants to showcase the dance sequences they have been working on during Code NAO sessions. The public will be able to voting for the best dance on the Open Libraries Facebook page. The winning team/individual will be awarded a prize for best dance sequence.

“Romeo and Juliet are going to be very valuable assets not only for Whitlam Library, but also the entire community,” Mayor Carbone said.


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