Fairfield City Mayor talks refugee resettlement with Department of Premier and Cabinet

Published Wednesday, 15th February 2017

Mayor of Fairfield City Frank Carbone today met with NSW Coordinator-General for Refugee Resettlement, Peter Shergold, of the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

The meeting was held to put forward our community concerns at the high numbers of refugees that are being settled under the Federal Government program in Fairfield City.

Mayor Carbone was pleased to have been provided with the opportunity to express the concerns of the Fairfield community about the Federal refugee program that resettled close to 5,000 refugees last year.

“I have advocated quite strongly that if the Federal Government wants to resettle this many refugees - the equivalent of an entire suburb’s population - in one location in such a short period of time that they are responsible for providing necessary infrastructure and services,” Mayor Carbone said.

“Federal and State Governments need to step up and be accountable in resettling refugees and also make sure there is no impact on existing residents.

“They need to commit additional resources for long-term resettlement and to maintain the quality of life for the existing community. More funding needs to be provided locally for better coordination of services and to ensure job creation, housing, health and youth services are adequate.”

"Fairfield City has always played its part, but I strongly advocated that without substantial resources and infrastructure being invested in our City, that in my view it would be in the best interest of refugees, our City and the nation, for the Federal Government to resettle refugees in different parts of Australia and not in one location, at any one time."

One-fifth of Australia’s total humanitarian intake was received by Fairfield City last year, with high numbers expected this year. 


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