Community leadership recognised

Published Thursday, 16th March 2017

Fairfield City Council will host a graduation ceremony for participants of the very first Fairfield Emerging Leaders and Advocates Program on 22 March.

The 2016 pilot program empowers culturally and linguistically diverse community representatives - ‘Advocates’ who live or work in Fairfield City - to strengthen their community’s position within society. The program is co-funded, developed and managed by Fairfield City Council and the NSW Spanish and Latin American Association for Social Assistance Inc (NSW SLASA).

Mayor of Fairfield City, Frank Carbone, said he is proud of those graduating from Council’s 2016 FELA Program.

“It’s a very humble experience to present graduation certificates to community members who are striving to support those around them, passing on knowledge that will lead to a stronger Fairfield City community for all.”

Advocates have spent 14 months attending workshops on topics that range from leadership, media management and project evaluation to data and statistics, advocacy skills and understanding the Australian political system.

“Each of the FELA Program’s graduates will take away a set of skills and broader understanding of how to better assist their community,” said Carlos Encina, Manager of NSW SLASA.

As part of the FELA Program, graduates have produced community consultation reports that will be collated and made available to the broader community services sector, ensuring a collective approach can be taken to address issues.

The objectives of the FELA Program are to:

  • Build strong, well connected and well-resourced communities;
  • Equip Advocates with the tools to better contribute to local, state and federal decision making and influence social policy;
  • Build the capacity of Advocates to explore in greater detail, key concerns within their community;
  • Increase Advocates’ understanding of how identified community concerns are influenced by Australian systems and policies; and,
  • Increase Advocates’ skills and confidence to become a voice for expressing identified community concerns.

Fairfield Emerging Leaders and Advocates Graduation

Wednesday, 22 March 2017
9am – 11am
Council Administration Building, Room 5
86 Avoca Rd, Wakeley



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