Fairfield City Open Libraries Program

Published Wednesday, 25th February 2015

Mayor of Fairfield City Frank Carbone has announced an exciting program that aims to make Council’s libraries accessible 24-hours a day.

Mayor of Fairfield City Frank Carbone has announced an exciting program that aims to make Council’s libraries accessible 24-hours a day.

Mayor Carbone said was enthusiastic about embarking on the ‘Fairfield City Open Libraries Program’, which would further modernise the City’s libraries.

The driving force behind the Mayor’s proposal is to create opportunities for lifelong learning, to support students in formal education and job-seekers in their hunt for employment, and to facilitate programs that improve literacy levels for a large number of residents within our multicultural community. 

“Our libraries are a pathway for a better future for young and old generations,” Mayor Carbone said. “Their facilities open doors for better future opportunities. We need to ensure we not only provide the traditional facilities our residents are used to, but to also provide the ability to meet changing needs, so we can interact and engage on any issue, with any one and at any time.

“The centrepiece of the Fairfield City Open Libraries Program will be to provide the ability for our community to have a library service that could open 24 hours, seven days a week in our larger libraries. 

“I’ll also propose a suite of improvements aimed at transforming our libraries into a cutting edge, modern and technologically sophisticated service for our residents now and into the future.”

Mayor Carbone pointed out that the City’s libraries would continue to provide welcoming spaces for use as social hubs for the community.

“Our libraries contribute to creating a sense of belonging and community for Fairfield City,” he said. “That won’t change. What we propose is a trial of extended library hours at the Whitlam Library (Cabramatta), with the ability to open 24 hours, seven days a week, depending on user demand. 

“Fairfield City needs to evolve with the needs of a changing society, especially with the likes of NBN on the horizon. Council has introduced many technological improvements to address these trends, such as the recent introduction of self-service borrowing and a greater selection of eBooks. However, there still is scope to extend our library services to enable more support of an evolving society.” 

The ‘Fairfield City Open Libraries Program’ could include:

  • Comfortable lounge areas where customers could enjoy a cup of coffee, socialise and/or read a book;
  • Free wi-fi and computer facilities for customers to stay in touch with family and friends, use internet services and prepare assignments and resumes;
  • Free access to iPad/Android devices, providing modern and engaging educational games and applications;
  • Expanded general Council customer service activities at all libraries; 
  • Improved partnerships with existing service providers to complement existing services provided to the community;
  • Leisure spaces where customers could comfortably sit and view world news and sporting events such as The World Cup; or any significant community event at any time; and,
  • Expansion of group study spaces for high school and university students.
“I’m very excited about this proposition which, if found viable, will make our City’s libraries the envy of other Council’s throughout Australia,” Mayor Carbone said.


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