Use Your Skills To Teach Others

Published Thursday, 1st June 2017

Art class at Bonnyrigg Library
Art class at Bonnyrigg Library

Fairfield City Open Libraries is seeking volunteers to assist in providing community programs and events.

Mayor of Fairfield City, Frank Carbone, encourages residents to get involved and share their skills and interests with like-minded people within our community.

“The Fairfield City Open Libraries provide a wide range of educational, creative and physical wellbeing classes that benefit the community and encourage residents to try something new in a safe environment. 

“Our libraries are looking for people who would be interested in teaching a range of computer and yoga classes, as well as creative programs such as painting and drawing.

“By becoming a volunteer, your valuable contribution can help someone discover hidden talents as well as meet new people.

“This is a rewarding opportunity for volunteers which can help you build confidence whilst challenging yourself to try something different.

 “It provides you with practical work experience that can be transferred into the workforce or help you find a job,” said Mayor Carbone.

Volunteers also have the opportunity to teach vital educational programs to address the needs of the Fairfield community such as English conversation classes.

Local volunteer, Mr Hans Neumann, has great satisfaction in teaching English to residents and helping them improve their English Conversation skills. He recommends others to get involved.

“If you like helping people then give volunteering a try. It has made me very happy,” said Mr Neumann

Programs are delivered across all Fairfield City Open Libraries throughout the week.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer call our Fairfield City Open Libraries on 9725 0333.



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