Work begins on new landmark tribute to our diversity

Published Friday, 7th February 2020

Mayor Frank Carbone with an artist impression of the new landmark.
Mayor Frank Carbone with an artist impression of the new landmark.

Construction has commenced on a special tribute to Fairfield City’s rich diversity.

The new landmark at the Fairfield Showground main entrance on Smithfield Road will include Australia’s largest Kugel Ball – a granite sphere positioned on a water basin which will allow visitors to rotate it.

The 1.6 metre diameter sphere is engraved with the world map. A wall of ceramic tiles representing the countries of origin of Fairfield City’s residents and bronze plaques pointing out the direction and distance of those countries will celebrate the rich heritage of our citizens.

More than 107,000 people currently living in Fairfield City were born overseas, with residents hailing from more than 104 different nations.

A flagpole with a large Australian Flag will be installed marking the location for visitors and residents alike.

Fairfield City Mayor Frank Carbone said the Kugel Monument would be a fitting tribute to Fairfield City’s rich and colourful heritage.

“Fairfield Showground is both the physical and cultural heart of our City, so it is fitting that this location has been chosen to celebrate the cultural diversity and the many countries of origin of our residents,” Mayor Carbone said.

“Apart from indigenous cultures, we have come from somewhere else, and we are proud of our diverse community, rich in culture and heritage. Ever since John Williams and his wife moved to Fairfield in 1792 as the first white settlers in the area, people have been coming to Fairfield City from around Australia and the world.

“We are first and foremost proud Australians, but this display will recognise our mums, dads, grandparents and brothers and sisters who left their homes with very little, to come here to seek opportunities and a new life in this wonderful nation, make a contribution to the City and make us all proud.”

The Kugel Ball is due for completion by the end of May.