Mayor seeks funding for residents impacted by new airport

Published Thursday, 4th June 2015

The Mayor is seeking Federal Government funding for home owners who will be impacted by noise from the airport at Badgerys Creek.

Mayor Frank Carbone is seeking a commitment from the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development to ensure sufficient funding is provided to help home owners who will be impacted by noise from the airport at Badgerys Creek.

The Mayor will write to Minister Truss with the support of Fairfield City Councillors.

With the planning for the airport at Badgerys Creek in full effect, the Mayor does not want residents to be forgotten.

The Federal Government is proposing that the airport operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with aircraft noise impacting on families in the local area.

“I believe sufficient funding should be provided by the Federal Government to assist home owners with the extra cost and burden of soundproofing upgrades, as has been done for residents in various parts of Sydney surrounding the Kingsford Smith Airport,” Mayor Carbone said.

Mayor Carbone is seeking a commitment for two assistance packages:

  1. Immediate funding for any new home being built within the impact zone to ensure they are appropriately sound proofed during construction, as these residents are now required to foot the bill themselves; and
  2. A package that starts before the operation of the airport for existing homes that do not have the appropriate soundproofing measures to retrofit their homes, to the same standard that has been provided to residents in the vicinity of the Kingsford Smith Airport.

“These measures and soundproofing works must be in place before the start of operations at the Badgerys Creek airport,” Mayor Carbone said.

“These measures are essential because, unlike Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport, the Federal Government has proposed Badgerys Creek will operate 24 hours, seven days a week and this expectation was never provided to land owners in the past.

“Through this process I would hope to ensure the quality of life of residents in Badgerys Creek is protected and that residents of Fairfield City receive the financial assistance they deserve, as has been extended to other residents throughout greater Sydney.”


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