Social Change Through Creativity Grant recipients

Published Wednesday, 24th June 2015

On Thursday 25 June, 11 local not for profit organisations and community groups will be awarded an annual Fairfield City Council Social Change through Creativity grant.

The grants program, an initiative of Fairfield City Council, encourages and supports creative based projects to address a need or issue of importance in the community. The program was first introduced in 2003 and many recipient organisations have developed and implemented worthwhile community initiatives.

Council received a large number of worthy applications for funding this year. In 2015, 11 organisations from across Fairfield City have been successful and will receive grants totalling $44,000 from Fairfield City Council. The funded applications are a diverse collection projects and address community matters present in Fairfield City.

Mayor Frank Carbone said “We are extremely proud of the program and can clearly see the opportunities and advantages it provides for Fairfield City residents and community organisations. The projects receiving funding today are outstanding and I’m sure they will play a vital role in contributing to the creativity and strength of our community”.

This year’s successful projects address the following three areas:

1. Health issues,

2. Intergenerational and cross cultural understanding, and

3. Strengthening cultural heritage

Successful Applicants




Creative Movement

I Heart My Body

Using the Indian classical dance style of Bhartanatyam, the artist will work with women of different abilities and backgrounds to create a performative dialogue around body image. Participants will explore their relationship to their bodies and perform at a creative forum for International Women’s Day in March 2016.

Curious Creators

Beyond Refuge (1980)

Beyond Refuge (1980) is a community film-making project, created through an intergenerational conversation between young community leaders from the Fairfield LGA (Curious Creators) with close family members (in this case, Cambodian Australians) about their history of migration to Cabramatta. This is also a project about silence between mothers and sons.

Guntawang Aboriginal Resources Incorporated

Basket Weaving Group

This Project will provide skills and knowledge in basket weaving for Guntawang Aboriginal women's Group for them to pass down their ancient skills to their children, Aboriginal Women were taught to do weaving from a young age so that they would use their resources to gather food. Due to colonization, Aboriginal Women in today's society no longer are taught these skills and knowledge remains only with a few women. GARI would like to give the Aboriginal women of the Fairfield area an opportunity to gain these skills so they can display their arts and crafts and share it with the broader Fairfield Community.

NSW Multicultural Seniors Association Inc

Documentary on Russian-Chinese Community

Documenting the oral histories of dual heritage elders in the Russian-Chinese community in Fairfield to create and produce a short film. The film will put light on this little unknown community and educate the next generation and broader community about the unique experiences of this dual heritage group.


Triple F − Fairfield Flamenco Workshops & Flash Mob

To engage elders and young people from culturally diverse backgrounds in Fairfield through the art of Flamenco Dance. Participants will learn the fundamentals of flamenco in a series of creative workshops, developing a performative choreography to be presented as a first ever Flamenco Flash Mob in Fairfield.

St Johns Park History Group

St Johns Park History Project

To engage elders from St Johns Park and adjacent areas to present their stories and photos of living and working in the suburb, drawing on experiences of the poultry farms, viticulture, market gardens and the many cultural events held in the suburb over the past 150 years. This event will take place as part of the 125 year anniversary celebrations of St Johns Park Public School in 2016.

Vietnamese Community Australia (VCA) – NSW Chapter

Memories Gone By (NHO NGAY XUA)

Memories Gone By I NHO NGAY XU'A − 40 Years Vietnamese Settlement In Australia is a 50 minute film documentary telling the intertwining stories of the Vietnamese community across the generations. Accompanying this documentary is a full day drop in' workshop session where the community can attend and have their stories facilitated and included in the documentary. From the history to food, culture customs that led into rarely discussed issues such as homeland, family, human rights and the journey as a boat person to Australia. It will begin with memories of homeland, experience as refugee boat people, 1st, 10th, 20th, 30th and 40th year settlement in Australia. This documentary hopes to unveil what matters across the generations; from the 1.0, 1.5 and now 2.0. The documentary will be interwoven with a series of vox pops of a variety of topics and the Vietnamese community will be engaged for this.

Vinh Nguyen (PYT auspiced)

60 Second Senses

60 Second SENSES is a program of film workshops for young Vietnamese migrants exploring their firsthand experience of Australia. It is an engagement of their senses and emotions as they step into new land. The 1 min films will be compiled on DVD and premiered at festivals in 2016.

Wheels Towards Independence Inc

We Are One But We Are Many

This project brings together CALD, special needs children & socially isolated parents/carers of the community to create a collection of mosaic artworks drawing on the creative ideas of participants to beautify and enhance the physical environment of Les Powell School. Public Launch at 30th Anniversary at the end of 2015.

Woodville Community Services Inc

Villawood NAIDOC Festival 2015

The Villawood NAIDOC festival and events leading up to the festival aim to recognise the culture, achievements, history and contributions of the Australian and Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander people to our local and wider communities. The festival is a completely free event for everyone to enjoy.

Yell-Oh! TV Group

Yell Oh! TV Project

Australia's first, Yell−Oh! TV will work with young people from refugee backgrounds from the diverse Asian communities of Western Sydney to create an international magazine style television show that showcases Asian − Australians in community arts and events. The participants will learn TV presenting, acting and citizen journalism skills through the workshops. With access of film equipment and technical support, they will go back into their communities to capture these stories in a format that will celebrate the less−heard community voices and happenings to shine positively within the mainstream Australian media landscape.


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