Fairfield confirms its preference is stand alone

Published Wednesday, 18th November 2015

At Tuesday night's Extraordinary Council Meeting, Fairfield City Council resolved its first preference is to remain a stand alone Council in response to the IPART Fit for the Future assessment.

The resolve was in line with the community’s response during the consultation process for Council’s Fit for the Future submission. Overwhelmingly 91 per cent of the community was opposed to the NSW Government preference of an amalgamation with Liverpool City Council.

The NSW Government gave councils across NSW 30 days to respond to the IPART assessment findings. Councils were advised they can nominate up to three preferred amalgamation proposals or state it has no preference for amalgamation.

Fairfield City Council’s first preference is to stand alone. The other preferences are:

  1. Stand alone with no change to existing city;
  2. Stand alone in line with the position outlined in the IPART Improvement Proposal. That is with minor boundary changes and the formation of a strategic alliance with neighbouring councils to deal with regional matters;
  3. If forced to merge by the Government, three boundary change options with Holroyd City:

i. Northern boundary change to include the Smithfield Wetherill Park Industrial Estate,
ii. Northern boundary change to the M4, and
iii. All of Holroyd City Council. Council considers that extensive consultation, including Government referendum, should be undertaken before final decision.

“This isn’t something we started or we wanted – let’s make that very clear. It is the NSW Government that is forcing us to make a preference and our preference is to stand alone. We have made the decision to ensure the best outcome for the future of our residents,” Mayor of Fairfield City Frank Carbone said.

“Council’s decision is to represent the will of the community when 91 per cent told us they are against a merger with Liverpool City Council.

“We have listened to the people; we are not proposing a merger with Liverpool City Council and have resolved to stand alone.

“I do not believe this process has been a true representation of democracy and the community's view.

“We have acted responsibly in maintaining the communities preference to stand alone while still ensuring that the community is in charge of its own services and destiny, should the State Government forcibly amalgamate councils.”

Council will await the NSW Government’s response to the latest submission.


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