Protect your fruit and wildlife

Published Monday, 21st December 2015

Fairfield City Council residents who use nets to protect their fruit trees are being urged to buy wildlife safe netting to also protect possums, birds, flying foxes and other wildlife from becoming tr

Each year wildlife rescue organisations save many species of wildlife from ordinary netting. Wildlife safe netting protects trees and its produce, as well as wildlife.

Council environment officers suggest that when buying netting residents first do a “finger test”; if a child’s smallest finger can fit through the netting holes then it is the wrong netting. When installing netting, tie the bottom of the net to the trunk of the tree. Don’t leave the net loose and hanging, because animals can become trapped underneath.

Residents who use tree netting are encouraged to seek help to free wildlife found trapped. Trying to free a distressed and struggling animal could result in a serious bite or scratch. If a native animal is found needing help, contact Sydney Wildlife on 9413 4300 (24 hours) or WIRES anywhere in NSW on 1300 094 737.

Detailed advice about wildlife friendly netting, including videos about correct installation, can be found at:


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