COVID-19 Self-Assessment Checklist

Keep yourself updated with the latest COVID safety changes relevant to your business

Please be advised that NSW Police have started their enforcement action and are issuing fines where businesses are seen not to be complying with COVID safety requirements. 

Use the checklist below to ensure you have everything in place and are following the rules at all times. If you’ve answered ‘No’ to any question, please address immediately.

COVID-19 Self-Assessment Checklist




COVID Safety Plan

Do you have a COVID Safety Plan?



Have you registered your Plan with Service NSW?
From Friday 24 July 2020 you MUST register your Plan if you are a Club, Pub, Café , Bar or Restaurant. It is recommended that all other businesses still register their Plans.



Physical distancing and capacity limits

Does your premises comply with the 4-metre square rule, physical distancing and relevant capacity limits?



Hygiene and Cleaning

Are staff, customers and visitors excluded if they are feeling unwell?



Have good hand hygiene practices been developed and implemented?



Are frequently touched areas and surfaces cleaned often using sanitiser in accordance with the COVID Safety Plan?



Are single use items being used where applicable? Have I reduced the number of touch point surfaces by customers?



Record keeping (where required)

Are records kept on site that includes name, mobile number or email address for all dine in customers and contractors for a period of at least 4 weeks?




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