Studio HQ


Women inside Green Screen Studio in Fairfield City HQ

Studio HQ (Green Screen Studio) is a high-end film and recording studio built for digital content creation.

Utilise this space to film promotional videos, create green screen special effects, or record interviews.

Studio HQ features the latest technology including:

  • Sound-proof facility
  • Sony FX6 camera for video recording
  • Sony A7R iii photography camera
  • Full green screen room
  • Lighting, including soft box and video lights
  • Wireless studio flash trigger
  • Microphones, synthesisers and sound equipment
  • High-performance laptops
  • Studio quality headphones
  • SD memory cards

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Studio HQ - Commercial Rates

  • One day is equivalent to 8 hours
  • 1/2 day is equivalent to 4 hours 

Hire Period

 Time Slot

(GST Inclusive)

Hourly  Mon - Fri bookings ending before 5pm $25.00
Hourly  Mon - Fri bookings ending after 5pm and Sat - Sun  $30.00
½ Day  Mon - Fri bookings ending before 5pm $90.00
½ Day  Mon - Fri bookings ending after 5pm and Sat - Sun $121.00
One Day   Mon - Fri bookings ending before 5pm $176.00


 One-On-One Private Session

 Cost (GST Inclusive)


One-On-One session with our knowledgeable staff supporting your business projects or creative ideas.

These session will cover setting up and using our high-end photography, videography and studio lighting equipment and post-production software to help you get the best outcome for your project. 

Bookings are essential. Click on the button below to book.  

One-On-One support sessions are  FREE at no cost. 


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