Arts and Culture

Council plays a particularly important role in facilitating opportunities for the local community to participate in arts and cultural activities that contribute to community cohesion, social well-being, and economic growth. 

Council's role includes working with the community, partners and stakeholders in the planning, facilitating and resourcing of arts and culture infrastructure such as Fairfield City Museum & Gallery, libraries and School of the Arts; major events and other creative programs like public art. 

Download the Discussion paper Fairfield City Culture and Creativity Plan 2022-2025(PDF, 11MB)

Culture and Creativity: The heart of our community

Fairfield City Council Cultural Plan 2022 – 2025  

Fairfield’s Culture and Creativity Plan 2022 – 2025 is currently under development  will align with current changes and growth of Western Sydney and strengthen the creative vision for Fairfield City.

The Culture and Creativity Plan will:

  • Harness the resources and strengths of our creative and community stakeholders to deliver an integrated approach to community wellbeing, pride and connection 
  • Set high level direction for cultural development using a multi-pronged collaborative approach with relevant internal and external stakeholders to address community needs
  • Stimulate the creative sector and provide opportunities for creative participation, learning and creation
  • Deliver a bold creative vision that is visible and reflects Fairfield’s diverse community

A discussion paper has been developed after community consultation period in 2020. To have your say on the development of the plan, please refer to the discussion paper. 

Deadline for feedback is Tuesday 26 October 2021.


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