Abandoned Motor Vehicles

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Claim of ownership of an Impounded Vehicle by Council

Should your motor vehicle be impounded by Council, all associated fees or charges for administration, release, daily storage, removal, transport and other associated costs are payable by you to Council before your motor vehicle will be released from our authorised compound.

You can make a claim for your vehicle online by clicking on the link below.

The application will require:

  • 100 points of Identification (acceptable identification is outlined on the form)
  • Upload all supporting documentation of proof of ownership
  • Agree to the terms on the application
  • Sign the declaration
  • Click submit for review.

If you are unable to complete the form, you can save your progress and return back to it to finalise later.

Council will not receive any notification of your application until you have completed and submitted the form.

An Enforcement Officer will assess the information provided and respond back to you in 3 to 5 business days.

Abandoned Vehicle Claim Application Form

Please note: A penalty notice may also be imposed on someone who abandons a motor vehicle in a public place (exclusive to the fees charged for release)

Abandoned Motor Vehicles on Public Roads 

Council is recognised as an impounding authority under the Impounding Act 1993 NSW

Our Enforcement Officers investigate concerns regarding vehicles (including heavy vehicles, boats and trailers) which may have been abandoned or left unattended for a period of time by their owner on a public road, road related area or public place.

When Council receives a report, complaint, or identifies a motor vehicle is unattended or has been, or is likely to be abandoned, an Enforcement Officer will:

  • Attempt to identify the last known owner to remove their vehicle
  • Check to ensure the vehicle is not stolen
  • Regularly monitor the vehicle until it has been removed by the owner
  • Impound the vehicle if the owner takes no action

This process can take up to 40 business days.

If a vehicle has already been processed by us, it will have an abandoned sticker on the driver window or front passenger window.

Abandoned Vehicles on Private Property

Council does not deal with abandoned vehicles located on private property. Any concerns regarding abandoned vehicles on private property are managed by the land owner and occupier of the premises.

If you are the owner of private property or manage private property on behalf of a land owner, you are advised to seek independent legal advice on how to remove the vehicle of concern.

Registered Vehicles

Having a registered vehicle on the road does not exempt it from being abandoned or left unattended.

Council may deem a registered vehicle as abandon or left unattended, which in most cases may require the owner to remove their vehicle off the public road.

In some circumstances, Council can immediately impound a motor vehicle (whether registered or unregistered) if it is causing an obstruction to traffic (vehicular or pedestrian) or is likely to be a danger to the public.

Unregistered Vehicles

Having an unregistered vehicle on a public road is not an absolute factor that the vehicle is abandoned or left unattended.

In accordance with the Road Transport Act 2013 NSW it is an offence to drive or park an unregistered vehicle on a road or road related area.

Council’s Enforcement Officers are not authorised to deal with matters relating to the registration status of a motor vehicle. 

Information regarding these types of offences may be obtained by contacting Fairfield City Police Area Command

In some circumstances, Council can immediately impound a motor vehicle (whether registered or unregistered) if it is causing an obstruction to traffic (vehicular or pedestrian) or is likely to be a danger to the public.

Burnt out vehicles

Council Enforcement Officers do not deal with vehicles that have been destroyed by fire located on public roads, public land or private property. These matters are investigated by the NSW Police Force.

Any concerns regarding vehicles destroyed by fire should be directed to the Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000.

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